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May 24, 2003 - Good Times with Good Kids

Here's a shot from the balcony of our lush suite on the 32nd floor of the Flagship Resort on the very north-end of Atlantic City. Mike said it was on the boardwalk. Well it was, but at the very end! It was a good 3 mile walk to the casinos.

I'm amazed this picture came out so well. In our partial-inebriated states, we managed to setup the self-timer on the camera, position it perfectly on the ironing board, and run into place before the picture was taken.

Here's Doug on the balcony with a glass off Johnnie Walker Black. The three of us polished off the bottle before even leaving the hotel room. Hilarity ensued.

Here's a picture of Mike at Wild Wild West. That was the only real casino we hung out in. I did two pulls of a slot, won seventy-something dollars and called it a night in terms of gambling.

Here's Doug sipping away on his Margarita, partially lucid.

I don't even remember taking this picture. This is just one of those that when you see it the next day, you just have to laugh.

I don't ever recall Mike having much game, but add some alky to his system and he's pure danger. On his first shot, he almost took down the entire booth nailing the top of the stand.

I knew he wasn't going to win anything, but I guess that's what made it so funny watching him try. Doug and I were laughing our assess off.

Not sure why I took more photos of this than anything else. But it was seriously funny. Almost as funny as the palm reader I saw a few minutes later who needed to sell me power crystals to keep me from from the demons in my life.

Here's me with George Washington. Um... Yeah...