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I reported for my first day of work July 6, 1998 at the Florham Park office. Two days later I had to fly off to St. Charles, Illinois for five weeks of training. It was a pretty cool time, I met some great people, I got to hang out in Chicago, and I got this group picture of everyone who was in my start group. I was with people from the NY/NJ offices, DC, Chicago, and Tampa. I'm 2nd row, third from the right. I'm not sure how many of these people are still with the firm, but the only one I still have contact with is Mark Campbell (third row, third from the left). And next to him is Kartik, who I spent most of my time with when we were out there. He played tennis for Princeton, but unfortunately we never got to play while we were out there. As a note, I think this might have been that last time I had to wear a suit... Not exactly, but since this picture was taken, all offices have switched to business casual five days a week. I'm not sure I even remember how to tie a tie!

Sung was one of my supervisors while on the bizClub B2B eCommerce project. Definitely one of the coolest guys I've ever worked for. He really looked out for us. We had some awesome times, especially during our two trips driving up to Clarkson University while working on the geo-portal.

I worked side by side with Matt Boggie for over half a year on bizClub. It was crazy times and we had a lot of fun. The thing I loved about Matt was his amazing pop-culture knowledge. I could fire the most obscure reference at him and he'd pick it up. Definitely one of the funniest guys I've met since working at Andersen/Accenture. And one of these days I'll trek into the city so we can hang out again (I promise!) And he still owes me a rematch in Name that Tune!!

The best thing about working at Accenture is definitely the people. There are some awesome people working here. Here's a little group shot of the BizClub team with Armando Culpa (who has since left the firm), Mark Grabanski, Sung and Boggie.

Here's a picture of myself, Noor Mohammed and Sunil Pai. We were members of AT&T SWOT (Switched Order Taker). Sunil was from IBM-India and this was taken on his last day in the US. It was a pretty crazy project and he couldn't wait to get out of there.

Here is a solo picture of Sunil. He was definitely the work horse that pushed SWOT into production. And there was always something about him that made me laugh. He just had this way about him.

This is Dave Burns. He was the IBM manager that I worked for while I was on eO-Data for AT&T, down in Middletown, from Septmeber 2000-December 2000. He was definitely one of the best managers that I've ever worked under. And no matter how crazy things got, he always seemed to be laughing.

This is Ralph. I started working with him way back in February of 1999, on BizClub. And since then, we've been on a couple other projects together. When Ralph was my supervisor and we had to work late, he would always stay late with us and he'd tell me stories the whole night until it was time to go. From his grandfather who treaded water for two weeks straight during WWII to the dolphin he caught while fishing on his honeymoon to his high school exploits that make the movie American Pie seem tame, Ralph is chockful of great stories. He's definitely one of the most technically smart people I've ever worked with and I admire the fact that he tells it like it is.

Here's Ralph again, along with Anuj. I worked with both of them on the ATG Dynamo Communications Vertical Demo. It was actually their project, but I helped out. After that, Anuj and I worked on AT&T Customer Connect. Anuj is a cool guy and he's a perfect foil for Ralph. The three of us can often be found at lunchtime going to Bon Gusto in Berkeley Heights, ordering our grilled chicken sandwiches with balsamic vinegar and roasted red peppers. Mmmm mmm...