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July 2, 2006 - BroFest 2006

Tim & Me. Tim is an inventor. With a lot of patents. But IBM owns his brain.

Atilla & Me. Those must be some Beacon gang signs he's flashing.

More gang signs from Atilla along with Steamer. Billy Joel in the background.

CW from noon: Noel, Atilla, Doug, Marc, Tim, Steve

Same as previous pic, but more lighthearted

This pic epitomizes BroFest

Steamer with a very scary Towel Boy in the background

Doug with some booze

Doug singing some karaoke

Doug, Marc, Me

Laid back karaoke

Towel Boy head shot

More Towel Boy head shot

Noel. Holding the mic like a little dove. So gentle.

Belting out a big note.