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August 19, 2006 - Ed's End-of-Summer BBQ

Rob, Mikey, Me, Mike McKenna, Jim (who works with Ed)

Rob, Mikey, Ed, Me (sunburnt from playing golf on Friday), Mike

Jen (6 months preggers!)

Me & Jen & Vodka & Tonic

Mikey likes corn!

Ed was a gracious host and had a great bbq spread. My fave was the Italian sausage patties. Those were amazing grilled up.

This picture reeks of middle school.

That's a good corn approach. Do both sides, then finish off with the middle.

Smooth Doug (sans Goat)

Me, Doug, Mike & Sarah (Mikey's wife)

Notice the nice industrial lights on the left. I'm sure Ed's neighbors loved them. As much as they loved people throwing beer bottles in their yard!

Uh oh, where did I get that North Jersey Brigade soccer scarf??

At some point in the night, a spontaneous match of shot put broke out

My glory days are in the past

Perfect form!

What a heave!

More shot put

Another toss


Mikey & Me (who were both having quite a good time)

Me & Jen

McKenna checking scores

Crotch shot..

Hang loose! Actually, I think that's the Satan sign. Fitting since Sarah is going to Drew for her Masters of Divinity.

Part of the NJB Bus

Pissing on the bus

"Hi Mr. Bookie!"

Stick, Me, Mikey

Stick (who looks like he's about to kill someone), Doug, Me, Mikey

Me and Ed's neighbor who is good friends with Mingus from Catch 22. Small world. We talked for a while about Ska and the various shows we both went to- including Wayne Fire House (NFG, Catch 22, Aquabats). Classic show. Cool guy. Cooler mutton chops.

Oh noes!

There she goes...

He must be in his happy place


Stick & Doug

Best picture of the night!

He seems really sad that we were burning Ed's stuff

Not much left

It was beautiful. I was told I was pouring alcohol on it to incite the flames.


Cooking up the scarf

Still burning...


Ed (probably a little mad). At least he was happy we raised the $7 to replace the scarf.

Me & Todd