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I've known Stick since 1992- giving him the occasional ride home when he was in 8th grade and I was a Junior in high school. I was best friends with his brother, Mike, for years, but once Mike got sucked away by his girlfriend, I began talking to and spending more time with Stick. We've shared a lot together- from exploring the world of online dating to touring the New Jersey Punk/Ska scene. We also saw two of greatest concerts ever together- Blink 182 in Asbury Park and the Aquabats at the Wayne Firehouse two weeks later. He's a cool guy and a damn funny drunk.
If there was a mastermind behind all of us, it would have to be Ed. He's the one always figuring out what's going on, buying the tickets, arranging the trips. He's also a great friend that I can always turn to- whether it be teaching me how to drive stick or accompanying me with 'Gums' out in Hoboken. The cool thing about Ed is that he says whatever is on his mind, regardless of who's in the room. Gotta respect that.
Mikey once represented our Philly connection. Now he's pushed further south down to Virginia. At least he gives us all reason to get together for a weekend... Some of the best times we've all had have been crashing at his place in Philly. I always enjoyed hanging with him- even from way back during our Traveler's Diner days in high school when we'd never miss a Friday night. He's one of the more level-headed kids of the bunch and sometimes it seems like he and I just sit back and laugh at everyone else.
Rob is awesome. Not sure what I'd do without him. He's always our designated driver when we go out, he helped teach me how to drive stick, he changed my flat tire in the pouring rain, he went price shopping at auto body shops when I busted up my car (on his day off). Always there to help. We were also the innaugural 1st doubles team for the Hopatcong Chiefs tennis. Nowadays, this Price is Right alum is still as wild as ever- whether it's racing my car barefoot, getting banned from Giants Stadium, roughing kids up at concerts, or busting up rental SUV's.
I first met Dimitri on the message boards of nj.com where I'd go to find the Hopatcong baseball scores during the season they won over 20 straight. Even though I was a senior in college, I still enjoyed hearing about good ol' H-Town. I used to email D to find out the latest scores. Lo and behold, a couple years later, he became friends with Rob, Ed and the gang. He's an awesome guy to hang out with and adds a interesting mix to the lot.
I don't get to hang out much with Todd since I'm always all over the place and he's always busy running the Grotto. But the times we do get to hang out, we always have a blast. It's just ashame he never remembers anything about it the next day... He's an awesome person to be around going out because he is totally out of control and says whatever he wants at loud volumes...