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November 8, 2003 - The Gang Back Together

Rob (with his classic stare) and Ed

Rob, Ed, me, Mikey, Stick (not paying attention)

Rob, me, Ed, Mikey, Stick, D

Mikey (who came up from Virginny) and Stick

Drunk Stick, thanks to his Captain and Cocks

Stick concentrating.



Me, very excited about Rob and Stick's foosball game

Stick with foosball. He was pretty messed up and we probably shouldn't have let him drive. I was telling everyone on the way out that I'd see them at Stick's funeral.

Me and Rob with the foosball in his mouth. I tend to get 'sticky fingers' when I start drinking so I stole the foosball from the table and gave it to Rob. Here is his tribute to the night that I was thrown out of Jimmy's for taking the ball of the table, putting it in my mouth, and firing it across the room. Will forever be the most messed up night ever, ever, ever.

Stick, Rob, me. You can never have enough foosball shots...

Mikey and Stick

Ed and Jen

Me and Todd (who was in typical form, bumping and grinding with every girl in sight).