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September 6, 2003 - Hoboken Party at Joder's (Reprise)

Me and Mike (Bibs). We worked together at Accenture until he left.

Here's Russ and his pimp shirt he scored for $5 in Newark

Me and Jen (I think the two oldest people at the party!)

Me and Sam- who works with Chad. I met him a couple times when Chad and I went out.

Doug, Pete, Keg

Doug and Pete getting drinks

Doug and Pete having a good time. Pete was pretty funny all night- at one point I called attention to Mars shining brightly in the night sky, to which he responded, "F*** Mars." But the way he said it made it seem like he legitimately hated the red planet. Messed up but funny.

Always a good time with Russ- from the time we did the Kevin Smith reality tour back in 1999 to the time he caught the garter at my wedding.

Me, already gone. Lesson learned: Liquor should not be used as a mix for more liquor. I was doing vodka and Midori and it wrecked me.

Me (very smiley) and Russ

Me and Chad (our gracious host for the night who let me and Jen crash)

Pete in the kitchen and Hiroshima Girl by the fridge.

Doug and Russ

Me and Jen

Pete and Hiroshima Girl again...

Me and Chad.

Pete talking to fancy girls



Pete in front of the schooner


Chad's new roommate, very cool guy. Shocked when he found out I was married. He was like "How old are you??" It's a whole different world when you're 22 and dating a 20 year old as he is.


Doug. I thought he died after the party because I didn't hear from him for a few days. I had no idea if he made it back to the Bronx. He was going to crash at Russ and Pete's new place, but after they passed out, he went back home.

Some random dude

Sam and Doug

Pete with Jen looking at something disapprovingly

The kitchen bar

Jen and Russ

Doug and Pete

Doug and Pete

Drew University Triumvirate

Ron and Paul (don't really remember them being there)


Pete, Doug, Me

Gene Simmons has nothing on me!

Me and Chad's roommate

Me and Jen

Paul and Bibs (Paul did a triathalon that day and still partied that night)

Hippy hippy Pete

More Pete


Me and Jen (gotta love her for putting with me)

Chad snarling at me


Me and Jen

Me and Jen

Me and Craig- a true crazy kid from Strong Island. I regret being so far gone by the time he arrived. I also love Chad sneaking through in the back.