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May 29, 2005 - Mikey and Sarah's Wedding

This is where we stayed and also where the reception was. Not sure why there's a pineapple on their logo.

The church; camera pointed towards Heaven

Another steeple shot

The church

Church doors. It was this old, old church, but the doors were automatic. Note the yellow circle sign on them indicated them as such.

Nice artsy shot.

The groom-to-be wearing a tux and a goatee

We go way back...

Tell me that's not awesome


Ed, Rob and Rob's girlfriend arrived at the church about 1 minute before the service began (and had to change into their suits in some random room in the back)

Ed & Mikey... 2 hour cocktail hour. Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot!

Photojournalistic shot of Rob (Sarah in the background)


Pensive Mikey.

Rob and his gf, Laura

Me and Jen

This is the rare shot of Rob with a beer so it might be worth something. Rob is one of those people who is already crazy enough that he doesn't need to drink, so he doesn't. It's also good to have at least one sober guy in the group. Especially a big guy.

Another great shot of the boys (CCW: Me, Rob, Mikey, Ed)

Ed and Sarah (Rob with a great expression in the back)

Normandy Circle represent...

Mikey and his dad (he told me I better not put these pictures on my website!)

Mikey's parents and the newlyweds

Laura and Rob with that look he does in all pictures

Mikey and Ed

Rob and Laura getting salads

Great shot of Ed prepping for dinner

Mikey and Ed

Mirrors reflect light

Great shot- Laura, Rob, Mikey, Ed, Me, Jen

Me, Mikey, Ed, Rob. Note the "Gentlemens" sign. Subtle.

The bride and groom

The bride and groom closer together

More Mikey and Sarah

Ed taking pics

Mikey taking pics

Sarah and her dad

Yeah, Eddie's feelin' it...

Laura and Rob

Mikey and his Mom

More Mikey and his Mom

Ed and the girl who got lost running

Dance floor

Mikey and his Dad

Another of Mikey and his Dad

Dance floor

This might be when Ed started leading the Hot Hot Hot conga line

More conga line

Mikey and Sarah

And this might be when Mikey's Dad asked, "What, is Ed shit faced?" When Ed starts drinking he's either funny as hell or he becomes the world's most angry person. Thankfully on this night, the happy, funny Ed came out.

Mikey and Sarah

Rob and a disposable camera

Me and Jen

The cake






Her eyes are shut. That's faith.



Two neatly trimmed guys

Dance floor

The night is done...