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December 31, 2002 - New Years Eve 2002

Rob and Ed (Rob all spiffied up)

Ed, Me, Rob

D & Rob

Me & D

Ed & Jen

Ed, Me, D, Todd, Rob

D & his Jen

Me, Jen, Kelly and her boyfriend, Mark

Jen's friend Kelly

Me and Jakai- we were in the same 4th grade class and graduated class of '94 from HHS. The place was swarming with HHS alums...

Jen and Kelly incognito

The other Brad & Jen- she went to school with him at St. Michael's before he went on to HHS, one grade below me.

Todd & Jen

Rob, Jen, Todd, D, Ed

D, Ed, Jen

Ed, Todd and Rob with his cool cool look

Todd and I were equally messed up, but I was the one pushing him across the street in the wheelchair. I have no idea where the wheelchair came from but it was a funny scene.