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January 28, 2006 - Here's Looking at Thirty...

Steve (aka Steamer), who redeemed himself by not almost drowning in a pool of his own vomit again, along with Noel and my brother, Doug

Mike McKenna... He and I were badminton champions in gym class senior year in high school. Mostly thanks to his skills and me not screwing up too much. Hadn't seen him since my wedding!

Mike, Ed, Stick & Mikey (Felt like we were having a Hopatcong High School reunion!)

Mike, Ed, Stick & Me (in the kitchen of the clubhouse at our townhouse complex; Jen rented the clubhouse for the night)

More of the same- 4/7 th's of the 1994 innaugural HHS varsity tennis team with Mike at first singles, Ed at second singles, Stick at third singles, and me at first dubs (with Rob)

Chad (aka Joder) & Me (still boys after all these years...)

My father-in-law & my father-in-biology

My brother-in-law, John, with his wife, Wendy and their two boys. Chuck made it into the pciture too.

Lindsey & Chuckers (what a cute couple)

Jen's grandmother (89 years young)

Jen's Mom

Danielle (Chad's girl) & Jen (my girl)

This picture speaks a thousand words. Ed has always been one of most fun people to party with. Except when we gets mad at someone or something.

Loving life

More of the Hoboken pair (I've known Chad since 2001- we were on an AT&T project at Accenture way back in the day)

Piester on the right (his wife, Janis, on the left). They came from Virginia just for this. I've known Matt since 6th grade, but unfortunately we never got to really party together. So having him there really made it that much more awesome.

My brother-in-law's stepson, Joseph

Monika & Rob (who has a new hair look everytime I see him)

Dimitri & Jen

Rob (poster boy for having fun without alcohol), Me & D

Rob, D & Uncle Sal (who entertained us all with his colorful stories of WWII)

Uncle Sal & Jen

My cousins

My grandmother & Me

My Dad, brother Mike & Me

Me & 3.14ster

Mike, Ed & Mikey

Me & my brother-in-law, Chuck (all 6'5", 260+ lbs of him)

Lindsey & Chuck

Me & Chuck

My brother-in-law, John, & his family

The lone shot of me and Jen. Much love & thanks to her for going through the pain of setting this whole thing up, reaching out to all the people and keeping everything on the dl from me. Truly an awesome feeling; an awesome night.

Me opening gifts (with Mikey's wife Sarah in the background)

Janis, Matt & Ed

Marc, Noel & Steamer (all three of whom came from far off distances for this event)

Stick & Mikey

Great shot of seven HHS grads spanning 3 different classes: Mike '94, Doug '96, Stick '97, Mikey '94, Me '94, Ed '94, Piester '94

Not sure why I look pained here... but Towel Boy (whose students wrote me some pretty cool b-day stories), me and Noel

More gifts (with Stick in the background reading Doug's book, 'Learning to Live', that he handed out to a number of people that night)

Still unwrapping...

I must really like candles! (note Steve in the background double fisting)


Opening Doug's gift

Johnnie Walker Gold - Doug promised I don't crack the seal until my 50th b-day. It's good having things to look forward too...

Monika & Rob

Close up of Mike in all his shiny-ness

Find the two 'O' faces in this picture

More gifts

A new additional to the wine rack

Stick & Ed

Me, Noel & Towel Boy (as Noel departs with the cream puffs)

Fix-a-Flat from Rob... He's been there to get me out of many bad situations over the many years I've known him, but the night he changed my tire in the pouring rain was pure friendship dedication. And he wasn't even with me in the car at the time.

Fix-a-Flat & Me (creatively wrapped in a decorative wine bottle carrying case)

Rob, Stick & the top of my head

Rob, Stick & Me

Rob's homemade card (and I'm holding a foosball that he gave me in remembrance of the time when I was thrown out of Jimmy's in Morristown for doing a number of raucous things, most notably, picking up the foosball in the middle of a someone's game, putting it in my mouth and firing it across bar. To this day, that was the craziest night ever in my entire life.

Nothing but love for Rob

Mac & Me

Mikey, Me & Ed