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January 17, 2006 - My Year In Virginia Comes to an End

Me, Ron (who was down for the night) & Joder in Reston

Me, Ron & Joder

Accenture building in Reston, VA

Joder grabbing his biscuits

Joder & Elisa- they went to high school together in Spain

The Spanish Salute

Elisa & Wes (who was from Georgia)


Ed from NJ

More Ed

Still more Ed

Me & Ed

Elisa, Me & Vodka Tonic

A stoned Wes & Jerilyn

Joder & Elisa

Wes & Jaime working out the bill

Euro Trash (not Elisa, just Joder)

Joder (means F***er in Spanish- seriously)

Joder & Me

Wes is "this big"

Dueling cameras



Smoochy from Joder

I love Wes in the background

Wes instigating something with Elisa

Talking at the Hyatt bar


Wes & Me (most likely towards the end of the night)

Wes with the log from the fireplace

More log! We destroyed so much at that hotel...

Wes is down

Still down...

Go towards the light...

Thumbs up!

Ed at the Hyatt piano

Rare shot of Bob (and Me)

Elisa & Wes

Wes with a burrito

Elisa & Wes

Ed & Elisa

Jerilyn, Ed & Elisa

Me & Ed (on my one time out in DC)

Steph, Jerilyn, Elisa, Joder, Rich

Rich (Jerilyn's husband) and some English lass

No comment

Jerilyn, Elisa & Joder


The last night with Ed before he left the project

Joder ready for bed


Steph, Joder & Elisa

Jamie - the Hyatt bartender who would always hook us up

Cute shot of Joder & Elisa

Steph (local to VA, but worked at MCI with us)

Me, Steph & Mike (who says F*** a lot)

Me, Steph & Mike


Chester Molestor

Joder & Steph

Caught in the act (of swimming!)