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July 8, 2000 - WiffleFest '00

Here's our tools of the trade- classic Wiffle ball and bat (we used the regulation aluminum wiffle bats, not the old-school yellow ones!)

Here's me watching another crappy pitch roll by

I'm all set to blast one...

Me in the field- playing my favorite Wiffle ball position- between 3rd and short

Great shot of me admiring my shot (note the Palermo #28 jersey)

Here's a young Dougie (sans goatee) with the high leg kick

Unfortunately none of us could pitch, but at least Doug kinda got the ball over the plate

Doug holding up on a dirt ball

Here's the front of our jerseys. Bought them online- all personalized with name and number. We at least looked like we belonged.

Hob with his trademark stance

Hob in the field

Hob watching one go by...

Here's the guys we played. I think they were called 'ComeHugeGo' or something like that.

The Dover Generals in action!

We don't look happy (Doug probably walked 5 batters in a row or something)
Another Dover Generals action shot