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November 7, 2001
A Crazy Night in Hoboken

Good food, good drink, good people
At work we kept talking and talking, saying how cool it would be for us all to go out one night. I had my doubts whether or not it would actually happen, but it did, thanks to Chad, Jen and Anuj. I also thought that it would be the type of thing where everyone would say they were going, but then cancel at the last minute. Wrong again. We had nine people from the project show up at various points throughout the night. So after work, I went with Chad to his apartment. I first parked my car in the best parking spot in our lot since I was leaving it overnight (so everyone would think I got into work really early on Friday! Yeah, I know, pretty slick...)
We went to Chad's apartment (which is the nicest smelling place on Earth) for a little bit where I got to meet his girlfriend (and fellow Cornellian), Cindy. She also works for Accenture, staffed on a project down in Princeton. We took a cab down to Arthur's- a steakhouse in Hoboken where we were meeting everyone around 7pm. Of course 7:30 rolled around and still no one. Krista was the first to show up, followed shortly by Jen. Then Chris, our manager, rolled on in with his wife. Once he got there, we decided to go in get our table. Our tech architecture team- Ralph, Anuj and Ivan, all arrived shortly thereafter.
The steaks were pretty damn tasty. The potatoes were succulent. The beers were gigantic. I never saw glassware that was so voluminous. As with all our work lunches, I was the last one to finish eating. Everyone else's plates were already gone and I was still going. I didn't even realize it until a while later. They wanted me to down my beer so we could all go, but it was soooo HUGE! Finally, Cindy had me give her half of what I had left and she showed me up, finishing before I did. After dinner, most people went home (although Ivan was tempted to come out just to see what I was going to do since those two 'big beers' were already starting to mess me up). We headed off to Black Bear with myself, Chad, Cindy, Jen and Krista. Jen met up with two of her friends and Consoli, another guy on our project, met up with us later on.

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