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October 19, 2001
Mike & Alex Tie the Knot

Dressed to the Nines...
It's pretty cool wearing a tux. It makes you feel important. And when I just had the vest on without the jacket, I felt like a black jack dealer at the Taj. Pretty cool. Anyway, I left work early on Friday and got home shortly after 2:30. Mike was not there yet. He actually stayed at my house the night before since he wasn't allowed to see Alex that day until she came down the aisle. It was just like old times. We stayed up late, watching the Yankee game, talking about random crap.
Once he was ready, we took some pictures and then zipped over to Armando's house. Armando drove in his eco-friendly suv. We picked up Jen and then raced to the Bethwood in Totowa. Mike was getting all nervous because we were supposed to be there at five, but it looked like we were going to be a good twenty minutes late.
When we got to the Bethwood, Mike, Armando, Stick and I had to wait in some little room before the reception. We stayed there for about an hour. Stick started drinking early, asking for a kamikaze that ended up being just about straight vodka. So he got lit up before we even left the gates. We was throwing rolls all over the room and was funny as hell. At one point, the minister came in with the legal marriage papers, and Stick, being best man, had to sign them. But Stick's like, "How can I sign them, I can't write straight!" It was funny.
Jen looked as radiant as ever. Almost as good as I did. (Just kidding honey!!) I felt bad because she had to spend a lot of time alone while I was in the holding pen with Mike, Stick and Armando before the ceremony. Jen ended up hanging out with Stick's date (flavor of the week). I don't even remember her name but at least they were able to stay with each other. She seemed pretty funny. Very vocal. Anyway, the ceremony was nice and quick. Alex was crying when they were exchanging their vows and that got most people all choked up. But then when some kid broke wind, a bit of the tension was broken. The best line all night was Stick man, commenting on the whole wedding, saying, "This is so fake."

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