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No, I'm not a big of Disturbed, Spineshank, or Union Underground, but that certainly didn't prevent it from being an awesome concert. This was the final leg of our long weekend in Philly. Check the events write up for more info. I went with Ed, Rob, Mikey, Stick, Kim, and Mikey's gf at the time.

I guess seeing the same concert back-to-back might qualify one as being a groupie. I was so psyched when Catch 22 and Midtown announced their tour together with Reel Big Fish. I had to go to the NJ show and the DC show. I took the train down to DC and met up with my brother, Mike. He went to the show with me so he could hang out with all the students from his school. It was a great show. I felt bad for Midtown because very few people knew their songs, but I sang as loud as I could to help out. And the response to Catch was intense. I was surprise from a non-Jersey crowd. I think I hurt some people at this show.

This was a truly great show. I went with Stick and we really only went for Midtown and Catch 22, who were the opening acts. I didn't care too much for Reel Big Fish. I still don't. Midtown was actually in a serious van crash two days earlier wasn't supposed to even make it. But they did, and they put on a powerful set. Stick and I were in the middle of the pit the whole time- even throwing each other in the middle. Catch didn't disappoint either. As always, they rocked the house.

After all the craziness from the US-Mexico World Cup qualifier at the Meadowlands, there was no way I was going to miss out on catching the pivotal match between the US and Guatamala down in DC, at RFK stadium. The whole weekend will be a story in and of itself on my events page, but in summary, it was an awesome, awesome time. We were nearly ambushed by the Guatamalans and we were definitely in a minority at the game. But we did our best to cheer on the Stars and Bars to their one-nil shutout. I went with my brother, Mike, Ed, Rob and Mikey.

This was the second time that I saw The Who, but the first time for their Greatest Hits Tour. They put on an awesome show, playing everything that I wanted to hear. I went with Andrea and Doug- shooting down to Wildwood Crest after the show. This kicked off our fourth of July weekend festivities.

Soccer games are always awesome- from the tailgating, to the taunting, to the game itself. But at this game, I had a drum. Someone had an extra drum, so I banged away, as the Metros rolled to a big victory. The best part was running over to the New England side of the stands and playing my drum after a Metro goal. Gotta love soccer. I went with Ed, Rob and Mikey.

This was the second time that I saw Blink 182. We went with a big crew of Andrea, Doug, Doug's friend Steve, Stick, and a girl that Stick brought. It was absolute mayhem. I think there was over 15,000 people there and it was an absolute zoo. Fenix-Tx openned, followed by Bad Religion, and finally Blink. They were nowhere near as good as the first time I saw them. There were too many people and it was pretty difficult staying up in the pit.

I'm not about to put up all my many, many New York Yankee ticket stubs, but I wanted to put this one up because of its significance. This was the first baseball game that Andrea went to. Pretty fitting that we got to see the Yanks play a Canadian team. This capped off the weekend we spent in NYC. I'm just glad there's no pictures of my roller-blading attempt in Central Park...

I wasn't exactly the biggest fan of Sevendust, or Dope, or Static-X. I headed out to the Hammerstein Ballroom because Rob, Ed and Stick were going. I remember three things about this show. One- the pit was so tightly packed that when I jumped up, the bodies around me held me up in the air. Two- afterwards I got deathly ill with the flu and ruined my week of vacation before Xmas. Three- there was a guy on the Path who said his was going to kill the guy standing next to him, going all crazy. Gotta love the city.

This was about the time that I was really getting into Blink 182. Everything I heard from them, I liked. I saw about this concert and asked Stick if he wanted to go. We did and it ended up being probably the greatest concert that I ever saw. Fenix-Tx led off, followed by Silverchair, and finally, Blink 182. It was my first time at a concert where you didn't sit down or lie down on a blanket. Very memorable show on many levels, not all of which I can mention on this family oriented website. ;)

I always regretted not getting to go the US Open with Coach Stein after my senior year in high school. I was already moved into my freshman dorm at Cornell by then. So the opportunity came up for me to go again, so I made sure not to let it slip by. I went with Mark, a guy from work. I got to take the LIRR- and not go to Belmont! Anyway, we got to see Lindsay Davenport win rather handily. It was just an awesome environment, like a little tennis town. Lots of people.

I was amazingly lucky to get a ticket to the reunion tour for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band- let alone four tickets. I went with my brothers- Doug, Mike, and Mike's girlfriend at the time. It was an incredible experience, especially seeing him in New Jersey. I never felt so much electricity in the crowd as when he began singing Born to Run.

This was the fourth and most likely the final time I saw comedian George Carlin. I saw him with Doug and I his college chum, Scott. I remember Scott buying his father a t-shirt that said, "Simon Says, go f*** yourself". Anyway, I saw him first with my brother, Mike, at this same venue. Then I saw him up at Cornell with Armando. And the third time I saw him was with Kelly, her brother, her friend, and her friend's sister.

The A&P Tennis Classic, held up in Mahwah, NJ was the first tennis tournament of any kind that I went to (excluding all the ones I've played in...) I went with Sticky's brother, Mike, who still owes me forty bucks for the tickets. We say like four rows back, if that, right on center court. Perfect seats. We got to see Jennifer Capriatti, Amanda Coetzer and some others. It was a brutally hot day and I ended up with severe sun burn.

This was one of the few college basketball games I've been to. I actually got to see a twinbill- the Purdue Boilermakers against the South Carolina Gamecocks in the first game and the Duke Blue Devils against the Kentucky Wildcats in the marquee match-up. It was awesome seeing the powerhouse Duke team, led by Elton Brand. It was also great between games when Dick Vitale did a tribute to Jim Valvano.

This was from the journey that Doug and I made up to Syracuse, NY to see the newly reformed Journey. They were without famous lead singer, Steve Perry, but his new replacement, Steve Augeri brought all the classic Journey songs to life. We were thirteen rows back. No opening band. That's the way all concerts should be.

This was the first time I saw The Who. The performed their rock opera, Quadrophenia. It was pretty much my first exposure to most of the music. But it was still a great show and the encore, which was all greatest hits, was awesome.

This was one of the many concerts I've seen at the PNC Arts Center, in Holmdel, NJ. This show had guitar great Eric Johnson opening and Steve Miller head lining. Decent show. I went to this concert with Doug and girlfriend at the time, Kelly.

Awesome show. This show made me realize that concerts aren't just about the music. Dennis DeYoung and the rest of Styx put on a show that rivaled a Broadway Play. It was amazing. Pat Benetar opened and was pretty good. This show made me realize how great Styx really is. I went with Doug and my buddy, Matt Piester.