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November 30, 2000 - December 3, 2000
The Philly Scene

King Tut in Philly??
It was actually kind of impressive how this whole weekend was orchestrated. It all was put together in a matter of a couple of weeks. The plan was for us all to take off Friday and Rob, Stick and I would drive down to Mikeys on Thursday night. After that, Ed and Kim were going to meet up with us on Saturday night.
We spent much of Friday walking around the King of Prussia mall. I recall losing a dollar bet to Rob when he successfully wedged himself inside one of those little toy helicopters that you put in a quarter to have vibrate. Anyway, we spent a ton of time in the club store, Bang Bang, getting ready to suit up for our weekend. We tried on almost everything just for fun. Here's Mikey, Stick and Rob before we went out Friday night.
On Friday night, we were originally going to go to a place called Chemistry, just outside of Philly. But we drove by around 10:30pm and saw no one inside except for a couple people playing pool. After making about four drive-bys to confirm the lameness of the place, Mikey took us down by the river, to a place called Egypt. Here's Rob, myself, Stick, and Mikey before heading out, all decked out in our Bang Bang garb. Rob was able to set up the camera on some pillows so that we could use the auto timer on the camera.
Egypt was a pretty decent place- typical club music, classy atmosphere, nice mix of people. It filled up pretty well as the night went on. It didn't take us long to get out on the dance floor. Here's a picture of me and Rob. Notice in all these pictures the psuedo-leather snake-skin pants that Rob got at Bang Bang. He paid like ten dollars for them and they were awesome. And those of you with a good eye will notice Diego's jacket in the background.
I remember that as the night was winding down, I jumped up on the stage, above the dance floor, and proceeded to dance. It's so awesome being on the stage, looking down on everybody, not caring about anything, getting absorbed into the music and having a good time. Oh yeah, and some girl told Rob he looked like King Tut that night. Rob was just too funny. And that's why you're going to see a bunch of pictures with him over the next couple pages. It was his weekend. Here's a picture of Rob giving Stick a good ol' bearhug. As a point of interest, all of these pictures were taken inside Mikey's apartment.

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