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October 15, 2001
Theeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees Win!!!

Good times, good kids.
I really didn't think there was going to be a game five, so when I asked Paul if he wanted to go a few days before the game, I didn't even think that the Yanks would still be alive. Paul and I work out together and we've known each other for almost a couple years now. He's a pretty cool guy, despite being an alum of Columbia. We took the train in from Elizabeth and his city skills got us on all the right subway trains all the way to the stadium. He was also nice enough to let me crash at his place (even though the first time I stayed there, I decorated his floor with vomit from when I was poisoned by Boston Market).
Here's a picture of me and Chad. Chad is a developer on my current project (AT&T Internet Gateway) so I'm in charge of making sure he has lots and lots of work to do. He got a call from his girlfriend at 5pm Monday, asking him if he wanted to go to the game since her brother had extra tickets. He ended up going over with me and Paul. It was cool spending some time with him. Chad is an alum of IK (Ithaca College), so we're always busting on each other since I went to Cornell. And one of these days I'll let him drag me out to 'Boken so we can hang out together.
I really didn't think Mike was going to bother coming up when I offered the tickets up to him, but he said that he couldn't turn them down. He quickly hopped on the 4pm Amtrak after he got out of school. He rolled into Penn Station shortly after 7pm. We met each other at the 'Big Bat' in front of Yankee Stadium. Apparently everyone and his brother had the same idea. I got to the bat and there were about a hundred people standing by it, looking to be picked up. But we got all excited when we saw each other. And it was funny because no bags of any kind were allowed into the stadium, so he had to leave the next day, still wearing his Yankee jersey.

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